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US Independence Day Holiday Hours 2018

4th of July, 1776; Independence day of The United States of America from the British empire. Every American is in a feeling of proud, admiration, gratification, prideful and superior. And the sky full of firecrackers shows the signs of freedom.

independence day 4th july United States

But, Before you going to enjoy the Independence day, You need to check what’s opened and closed which will saves you from ruining the day. So, the first thing you need to notice is that where you are going is opened or closed on Independence Day. And so, here’s the Holiday Hours Open or Closed on Independence Day.

  • Here’s is the most important fact you need to understand first is that,” If it is Saturday on July 4th, then Independence day is seen on Friday, which will be, July 3rd.” & ” If there’s Sunday on July 4th, it will be seen on Monday, which will be on July 5th”.

So, here is the useful information about the things or places you are going are opened or closed which will help you in enjoying your day.

Opening/Closing Hours

  • Government Offices
  • Closed– 4th July is a declaration of the federal holiday as it is Independence Day and all government offices are closed on this day. All municipal, states, judicial, administrative and federal branches remain closed on this day.


  • Stock Market
  • Closed– On this official holiday, all major stock exchange markets in the USA like New York stock exchange, NASDAQ are closed.


  • Post Offices and Mail services
  • Closed– On this occasion of the national holiday, United States Postal Services and U.S.Mail remain closed.


  • Super Markets, Malls and Departmental stores
  • Open– Even on the public holiday for the Independence day Major supermarkets and retailers like Kroger, Walgreens, Walmart, Whole foods, H.E.B., Giant Eagle etc. shows their availability. The top shopping destination at malls like Mall of America, Aventura Mall, King of Prussia Mall, Destiny USA is also kept open. Local departmental stores, supermarket chains and convenience store also open on this day.


  • Movie Theaters 
  • Open– All movie theatres and cinema chains as AMC Entertainment Inc, Southern Theatres, Cineplex Entertainment, National Amusements, Regal Entertainment Group are open to fulfil public entertainment demands.

4july-independence-usa photo


  • Bar, Taverns, Liquor stores and Restaurants
  • Open– Major Bars such as Goodluck, Porchlight, Teardrop are not closed on this day and Most liquor stores Southern Wine & Spirits of California, Henry Wine Group, Alliance Beverage Distributing, Empire Merchants are kept opened.While major restaurants show their availability but you better check up the availability and vacancy before you set the destination.


  • Schools and Libraries
  • Closed–  Kids just love holidays. Don’t they?  All educational departments such as Universities, Colleges, grade schools are not open on this day. Most public reading center libraries such as Library of Congress, Harvard University Library, Boston Public Library, New York Public Library are not open. They remain closed as in the declaration of a national public holiday.


  • Hospitals
  • Open– On looking at public health issues, Major hospitals all around the United states remain open even in this occasion of the fedaral holiday.


  • Pharmacy and Grocery Stores
  • Open/ClosedMajor pharmacy chains such as CVS Corporation, Kroger Company, Walgreens, Kaiser Permanente (HMO) are not closed on this day but minor pharmacy stores may be closed on works at reduced hours. Major Grocery chains are open and minors may have closed. So, It’s best option to check your destination point before you leave.


  • Ambulance and Fire safety services
  • OpenIn public issues and public safety point of view Ambulance and Fire stations all around the United States are open 24*7 in providing their services.

I hope this article helped you in a direction you are searching for. Share this article with friends and families and let them help too. If you have any quarries you can comment below we will reply as soon as possible.I hope you find this article is helpful is yeah Enjoy the day, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY.

GameStop Holiday Hours

We all love playing games and this is one of the best ways to relax our self. There are many who just love playing different types of games and have a huge collection of it. The best place where you can get your best games is GameStop. 

gamestop_store image

They are the biggest retailer of games in the whole USA. Not only different types of games here you can also get different types of gaming devices and consoles too. The GameStop store has a huge collection of gadgets and other products which the customer can choose from.

Now the main question is what are the game stop holiday hours. So here on today discussion, we will discuss the holiday hours of game stop. This information will provide you with all kinds of necessary information when to visit the mall.

The overall network of the game stop is spread across the whole USA and many are getting employed due to them. It is said that in the coming years the network of the Game stop will be spread across different nations. So if you are asking the question “what time does the GameStop Open?” then go through this post.

Game Stop Holiday Hours

Listed here are the holiday hours of game stop.

  • New Year day– Game stop provides their service to their customers on the special day of New Year too.
  • Martin Luther King’s JR. day– On a special day of Martin Luther King Jr. the store remains open and works accruing to their routine.
  • Valentine’s day– It is a special day for the lovers but it does not make any change to the store and its performance as they are open on that day too.
  • President’s day– We don’t think this day needs any kinds of special introduction. But game stop is open on that day too.

gamestop_store image

  • St. Patrick’s day– It is a very special day but the game stop store works smoothly and as per schedule on that day too.
  • TAX DAY– Mainly and economic day for the USA although the store is open to all as per schedule.
  • GOOD Friday– This is a very holy day to all but the immense service of the store is the same as that on the other days.
  • Easter Sunday– Game stop is open on the eve of Easter Sunday too. The Game Stop Hours Sunday is just like any other day too.
  • Easter Monday– Just like other days on the Easter day to the stores remains open.
  • Mother’s Day– On the special day dedicated to the mothers of the world this store remains open.
  • Memorial Day– Memorial Day is a historical and special day for the USA but the being that it does not affect store schedule.
  • Father’s Day– Being such an important day this store is open and provide equal service like other days to its customers.
  • Independence Day– We don’t think we need to introduce you to this day. This is the most important day for the USA but still, the work does not stop at Game stop store.
  • Labor Day– dedicated to all the hard workers of the world on the special day of Labor Day to the game stop remains open.
  • Halloween– We all are much aware of this day and even on this jolly and scary day the store remains open to all.

Gamestop image

So these were the Game Stop Holiday Hours. But on the eve of Christmas and thanks giving day the store remains closed. We all know the mentioned day which we have stated above are very important but Game stop believes in providing great service at any time. To full-fill that the store is almost open every time as per their schedule.

CVS Holiday Hours

Health issues are something we all face in our regular life. We also keep medicines for first aid purpose, but what about when the health condition really gets serious at the midnight hour? That is the time when we actually wish for a twenty-four-hour service provider pharmacy.

CVS-Store hours image

But does all twenty-four hours service provider pharmaceutical stores maintain their service in your holiday hours too? Well, here in this page you will be delegated to the most popular and in fact one of the largest pharmaceutical franchise in America, CVS Holiday Hours.

Through this page, you can tally your list of holidays with those active holidays of the CVS Pharmacy. Not only that, you also get to know the service scheme of the pharmacy. You will be surprised by knowing what all active services the pharmaceutical franchise actually provides you.

The available abundant variety of drugs and medicines made it gain its popularity among the mass citizens. Also, the reach out of outlets of CVS Pharmacy proved to be really beneficial for the residing people near by the pharmacy store.

CVS Holiday Hours: In Brief

CVS is a retail store founded by Stanley Goldstein, Sidney Goldstein, Hebreux Jules and Ralph Hoagland in eighth May 1963. The CVS headquarters is in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. It is one of the largest pharmaceutical franchises of the USA. The number of a retail outlet of CVS health as per 2016 report is said to be nine thousand and six hundred.

cvs holiday hours pharmacy

The CVS pharmacy has turned out to be a great career ground for over two hundred and forty thousand employees as per the 2016 reports mention. Also, according to the 2015 reports, the annual revenue of the retail company is noted to be US$153.3 billion. It is just not a simple pharmacy shop that provides you all the medicines and stuff. It is actually more than that.

CVS pharmacy provides a health check up centre that appoints doctors to practise in the pharmacy clinic. It has more than one thousand and one hundred minute clinics as well as diabetic care centres too. They undoubtedly sell prescribed drugs and also a wide variety of general merchandise too.

24 hour cvs holiday hours

That common list of merchandise includes – cosmetics and other beauty products, over the counter drugs, seasonal merchandise, greetings card and also convenience food items. Now let’s have a look at the CVS holiday hours and check out on which holiday the store is open.

CVS Holiday timing: the Usual Ones

The CVS services are available both via online and off line mode. The company is having its own site that operates your order and let you avail the necessary list of items.

You can click here for availing the opportunity of online mode. Also, given here is the telephone number that will necessarily help you at the hour of need. The CVS health serves you twenty-four hours a day despite any holidays.

The prime sincerity of the store is to provide you health services. They understand the crisis period of your health and hence the service provided. However, knowing it remains open on every holiday, still, you must know that list of active holidays for the store. Here is the complete list of

CVS holiday hours 

  • New Year
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • President’s Day
  • Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Tax Day
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Sunday
  • Easter Monday
  • Cinco De Mayo
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labour Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Halloween
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Black Friday

The above information gives you a descriptive idea regarding not only the CVS Pharmacy and health but it facilitates you a vivid knowledge regarding the CVS Holiday Hours. holiday hours

For more information and also to cross check your doubt you can dial a call to the stores’ customer care number provided above. Undoubtedly, the store will facilitate all the necessary services at the time of your health crisis as per your need. So is what the store is all about.

Great Clips Hours Of Opening And Nearby Locations

If you’re going to a Hair Dresser for getting a new cut or your hair dyed with any new color then it’s obvious that it would charge a couple of hundreds of dollars. Because of the Higher Prices, some great companies (Like Great Clips) provide you services at a Discount rate or you can also say that their service is cheaper than other Saloon.

great-clips image

Moreover, if you are a regular customer of Great Clips then you should know about the Great Clips Hours When they are open or closed. As their services are provided at a cheaper rate the operation hours are also very flexible when compared to any Professional Saloon. So, let’s see what is the cost and Opening Hours Of Great Clips.

More About Great Clips

As stated above Great Clips is a discounted Hair Saloon. Many times in a year you will be able to see promotional offers going on Hair Cuts where they reduce the price to as low as $5.99. Whereas a Standard Hair Cut on a normal day costs $15 for adults and $13 for children under the age of 10 ($5 to be added if you require a shampoo with your Hair Cut).


When compared to other Professional Hair Cutting Saloon, you will find that a Standard Hair Cut on a Normal Days costs you $40 on an average. So, there comes no reason for you or your friends to select these highly rated saloon’s as your permanent Hair Cutting solution.

Great Clips Hours Of Operation

As everyone tries to save some bucks in a month then why not to cut your Hair Cut bill into a half. Due to which almost every other person is heading towards Great Clips to get a cut which is leading people more curious to know about the Great Clips Hours Of Operation.

According to the information provided on Great Clips Website, you can find the Saloon to be open on the following time in 7 days a week.

  • Monday** : 9:00 AM TO 9:00 PM
  • Tuesday** : 9:00 AM TO 9:00 PM
  • Wednesday** : 9:00 AM TO 9:00 PM
  • Thursday** : 9:00 AM TO 9:00 PM
  • Friday** : 9:00 AM TO 9:00 PM
  • Saturday** : 8:00 AM TO 6:00 PM
  • Sunday **: 10:00 AM TO 6:00 PM

It should be noted that Great Clips time on Weekends can also differ at different locations as their most employees are on leave on Saturday and Sunday.

Great Clips Holiday Hours

Many people love to enjoy their Holidays and even to get a new cut or their hair colored but most of the saloon are found closed. Therefore, you must be interested in knowing the Great Clips Holiday Hours so that you can also visit them on Special Holidays as well.

There are no specific Great Clips Holiday Hours. It is open on all the Holidays except some select holidays as mentioned below :

  • Easter’s Day
  • New Year’s Day
  • Thanksgiving’s Day

Nearby Locations

You can find Great Clips open on all other National or International holidays. Still, I will recommend you to first contacting them on their local store near your house to know their operation hours of a specific holiday.