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Santa Anita Mall Holiday Hours

Visit Santa Anita Mall and start shopping with your favorite stores, products for men, women, and kids. Formerly, Westfield Santa Anita Mall is also known as Santa Anita Fashion Park. Also, you can name it as a best indoor shopping mall in Arcade, California.

 Santa Anita Mall Holiday Hours


Get the answers to the questions from this article related to Santa Anita Mall Holiday Hours: 

The first opening of this indoor mall began in the year 1974 during the month of October. The owner of this shopping complex is Westfield Group. Also, there are approximately around 282 stores and services with four anchored tenants. Current Santa Anita mall holiday hours schedule will be given below.

Apparently, Westfield Santa Anita Fashion Park ranges from 1,300,000 sq ft total floor area which can easily accommodate as many stores as possible. Here you get the best deals for women, men, kids, sports & fitness, beauty & health, bags, electronics and home decor.

Also, along with shopping, you can also enjoy movies and dining with your friends and acquaintances. Even online shopping with Westfield Santa Anita shopping center is also possible if you have a time shortage. Therefore, to know the exact details of shopping mall’s regular hours Firstly we will describe the holiday hours in brief.

Santa Anita Mall Holiday Hours:

Usually, on these holidays, Santa Anita mall remains open. But, it closes very early on these holiday hours. Check out the Westfield mall holidays;

Apparently, there is no holiday hour list provided by the management team of Santa Anita Mall. But, you can make an idea that Black Friday, Valentine’s Day, Independence Day 4th July will usually be open.

Regular Timing of Santa Anita Mall Hours Westfield:

Apart from Santa Anita Mall holiday hours, also check out the regular timing of the closing and opening shopping center.

  • Monday        Saturday            10: 00 A.M – 9: 00 P.M
  • Sunday                                        11: 00 A.M – 7: 00 P.M

So, these are the normal timing of Westfield Santa Anita Arcadia. You can visit the store normally on the above mentioned days and time. If you want to know more about Santa Anita holiday hours then you must contact via phone call. Stores also remain closed during Easter Sunday and Christmas Day.

Note that department stores, theatres as well as restaurants operate on different timings. Visit the official web page to view the retailers’ store provided in different hours.

What are the services available in Westfield Santa Anita Shopping Arcade?

There are highly trained Concierge Staff to give you all the answers to your questions. Every suggestion from shopping suggestions to dinner events everything will be taken good care by Santa mall service providers. This Concierge staff will be available at your service when you shop, eat and connect.


How to Contact Westfield Santa Anita Shopping Complex?

For any other information related to sales and services, promotion and deals, events and shopping you can contact the mall at, 626.445. 3116

Or visit the Official Website

How to Connect?

To discover and stay close to Westfield Santa Anita shopping complex, latest Westfield App is also available. As a matter of fact, with the help of this app where ever you go, one can easily connect with Westfield shopping center. The app is available in Google Play Store and App Store.

Now, with the help of this app, you can find products faster with an easy search option. You can also view movie timing and buy tickets via Westfield app. If you don’t have any idea where the store is then everything will be available in the app itself.


Download from Google Play Store

Download from App Store

Now, you can enjoy shopping with Santa Anita shopping mall online or physically visiting the store. Also, download the app to get easy services. For future references sign up with this store and get all the offers of Santa Anita mall holiday hours. Also, if you have any issues regarding deals and events then visit the official website.

Micro Center Holiday Hours

In our everyday busy schedules, we really run short to go out or even plan for shopping. We look for holidays to manage our time. But, who is going to give you the exact information regarding which day is considered to be the holiday for the store that you are looking for?

micro-center image

On the contrary, when you get the time to shop for your favorite tech items then it must be a holiday. In here, you will get a profound idea regarding your favorite tech store Micro Center Holiday Hours.

This article is all set up for the customer’s benefit. The availability of all the technologies, that too all the updated versions can be found in the Micro Center of your city. Investing your holiday in here is not a bad idea.

It is just not a store but a hub station of all the mobiles, tablets, laptops, notebooks and what not. Shopping from such a store is undoubtedly an economic and wise idea. Stick you’re down the page regarding all the needful information of the store along with the comfortable holiday hours too.

Micro Center Holiday Hours: Elucidate Idea

Micro Center computers & electronics: The Ultimate Computer Store, is an American computer departmental store. It was established in 1979 jointly by John Baker and Bill Bayne. The stores headquarter is located in Hilliard, Ohio.

As of 2015 reports, the store has opened its chain branches in sixteen states that numbered up to twenty-five stores. These include California, Massachusetts and New York too.

micro-center holiday hours

The most popular world magazine Forbes reported the store to be placed on one hundred and ninety fifth America’s largest private companies. It employed two thousand seven hundred and fifty staffs and earned annual revenue up to $2.4 billion. With many more awards and recognitions from Intel, National Retail Federation of US, Dealerscope, and etc the store proved its efficiency undoubtedly.

It is an authorized retailer of top electronics and computing companies like – Apple, Acer, Dell, PowerSpec, Intel, Microsoft Surface and lot more. You get to access huge products from these top brands like – gaming products, updated software, various computer parts and accessories, electronic goods and accessories and loads more to be disclosed.

The store also provides you a Knowledge Bar from where you can get expert advice and sharpen your stock of learning. Also, it provides servicing and repairs for your electrical products and also Micro Centre Deals. The service center has appointed trained engineers and technologists for improved service. Also, the sales people appointed are strictly computer-literate people. Hence, is the level of sincerity of the store.

Micro Center Holiday Hours: the Usual Ones’

The store is open from 10 AM to 9 PM in a normal week and direction to Micro Centre is quite easy to find. But, as the confusion lies whether the store is open in usual holidays for you then you must stick your eyes on this page below. The store is basically closed in only three events of the year. They are – Easter Sunday, Thanks, Giving Day and on Christmas Day.

micro-center holiday hours image

The lists of holidays on which the stores of Micro Center remain open are pinned down. But on those holidays the store’s closing time may differ. This is not fixed and it varies year to year depending on the day’s situation. The store even remains open on –

  • New Year Day
  • Martin Luther King
  • Jr. Day, Independence Day
  • President’s Day
  • Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Monday
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Tax Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • Labour Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Halloween
  • Christmas Eve
  • Black Friday
  • New Year’s Eve.

The required information with the list of relishing holidays is neatly presented above. Indeed, it is the best shopping hub that not only lets you shop whatever technology you desire to.

micro-center photo

But, it also gives you a scope to sharpen your knowledge by getting tech support or even by purchasing books, journals, and magazines, mostly tech related. Hope this Micro Center Holiday Hours will be best accompanying hook out for your next holiday.

Hanes Mall Holiday Hours And Open/ Close Hours

Girls, it’s shopping time… visit Hanes Mall and get excited with shopping, connecting with friends and eating yummy snacks. In actual, Hanes is a shopping mall which is located in Winston- Salem, North Carolina in the USA. 

hanes mall photo

In addition to it, until 2004, the mall is considered to be the largest shopping complex for every male and female. The mall was opened during the year 1975 and now it has gained a lot of popularity. The exact timing of Hanes Mall Hours will be shortly reviewed in this content.

With five anchored stores and over 200 tenants, the mall has 1,558, 860 sq.ft area. However, the owner of the stores in Hanes Mall Winston-Salem is CBL & Associates Properties Inc.


Also, there are two floors available along with parking lot 7, 861 spaces. Shop with the latest brands in Hanes mall stores and eat with the latest yummy recipes with your friends and family. To know more about the timing of this shopping centre then go through the content in details.

Open/ Closed Hanes Mall Hours

If you are busy and have no time to check when Hanes stores open or close then we will give you short but exact details. Normally, every day the mall opens from morning to late night. The regular timings are;

  • Monday                 10: 00 A.M – 9:00 P.M
  • Tuesday                 10: 00 A.M – 9: 00 P.M
  • Wednesday           10: 00 A.M – 9: 00 P.M
  • Thursday                10: 00 A.M – 9: 00 P.M
  • Friday                      10: 00 A.M – 9: 00 P.M
  • Saturday                 10: 00 A.M – 9: 00 P.M
  • Sunday                    12: 00 P.M – 6: 00 P.M

On the above-mentioned timings, the Hanes mall stores start to open and close. For more information contact the customer care executive.

Hanes Mall Holiday Hours

The holiday hours of Hanes shopping mall are given below;

  • New Year’s Day
  • Jr. Day
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • Presidents Day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Tax Day
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday
  • Cinco de Mayo day
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Monday
  • Memorial Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • 4th July Independence Day
  • Halloween Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Veterans day
  • Black Friday
  • Labor Day
  • Christmas Eve
  • New Year’s Eve

During these holiday hours, Hanes Mall remains open but the timing will vary with the regular opening and closing Hanes Mall hours.

Hanes Mall Closed Hours:

Every year the shopping centers and restaurants of Hanes mall will remain closed on the preferred days;

  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Easter Sunday
  • Christmas Day

But on every New Year’s Eve as well as Christmas Eve, the stores will most probably close earlier than the regular days of Hanes Mall hours. For any recommended holidays, we insist to contact the Hanes Mall executive.

hanes mall holidays

How to Connect with Hanes Shopping Mall?

If you want to be aware of the timings and special offers and much more about Hanes shopping complex then you get to connect them very easily through;

  • Hanes shopping mall number: 336.765.8321
  • For any queries, you can also call in Shopping Complex Security Ph: 336.794.5211
  • In case you have any emergency issues: 911
  • You can also Visit the official website provided below to get all the information related to Hanes shopping mall and restaurants deals.

Official Website:

Hanes Mall Nearby You 

Hanes Mall is located in

3320 Silas Creek Pkwy, #264

Winston- Salem, NC 27103

These are the specific Hanes Mall Hours and its ways to connect the shopping mall, for buying different kinds of stuff. Apart from that, you can also take a break and dine along with your family and friends with the most delicious recipes. So, what are you dreaming, join and subscribe the e-club for more offers and promotions? To check out the special holiday hours, visit the official website every day.

Great Mall Holiday Hours

Being here you might be trying to know Great Mall Holiday Hours. We have seen besides its name this mall holds a great collection of most things. For most, Great More means more brands, more collection or more value.

great-mall image

This mall holds one of the most visits being all in one destination for shopping. Not just shopping but people can get together in some renowned restaurants such as Olive Garden Italian Restaurant, Dave & Buster’s, and Outback Stick House.

Apart from that, spend some great movie time in the Great Mall at the Century Theatre. In this mall more things including women jewelry, sports store, toy store, fashion store, home décor store, and much more. 

Isn’t is it a great place to visit? Obviously yes, but for that, you might need to know what’s the Great Mall business hours or closing hours. We will find it in below, so let’s get started with it.

Great Mall Holiday Hours – Business Hours and Closing Hours

Why is Great Mall a great choice for traveling to multi-purpose? Well, before we know Great Mall Holiday Hours, you will good to know the featured brands of this supermarket.

This mall is associated with many big brand names that include Coach New York, H&M, LifeWear, Cole Haan, Victoria’s Secret, Michael Kors etc. Besides, more trending brands are featuring in this mall. So, finding your desirable fashion apparel in here is not a big trouble at all.

Whether you want to watch movies or for a good restaurant or all usual shopping items, everything is available is there under one roof. So, are you seeking to be there? Then find out the Great Mall business hours and it’s weekend. So that, there would be no inconvenience visiting Great Mall.

Great Mall Opening Hours or Timing

Logically, Great Mall is open for 365 days of a year, as there is no weekend close to this super mall. So, normally you can visit this multipurpose mall but for that, you need be updated with the Great Mall Holiday Hours. Because according to a specific day the business hour can vary.

From Monday to Saturday the Great Mall working hour is same, whereas Sunday has a different time duration of working hours. So, you might need to know its business hours if you are looking forward to be in Great Mall.

great mall holiday hours

Except for Sunday the business, the hour is from 10 AM – 9 PM and on Sunday Great Mall working hour is a little decreased. For Sunday opening timing starts from 11 AM and the closing time is 8 PM. Check out weekly Great Mall opening time table in below-

Monday 10 AM – 9 PM
Tuesday 10 AM – 9 PM
Wednesday 10 AM – 9 PM
Thursday 10 AM – 9 PM
Friday 10 AM – 9 PM
Saturday  10 AM – 9 PM
 Sunday  11 AM – 8 PM

So, everyday you will able to visit there and can grab some good deals. Because shopping is another better habit of this generation. Isn’t it?

Great Mall Holiday Hours:  On Special Days

I want to add some important days in which days Great Mall remain open. So, you can enjoy some great deals on these special days. Check these special days to visit Great Mall-

  • New Year Eve
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Independence Day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday
  • Cinco De Mayo
  • Veterans Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Tax Day
  • Patrick’s Day
  • Labor Day
  • Easter Monday

Great Mall Closed Day

There is no much holiday for Great Mall but on Easter Sunday and Christmas Day it remains closed. So, if you are thinking to visit on these days then Great Mall should not be the option for on these special days.

Great Mall is one place destination for clothing, household things with some renowned brand featuring. Find great restaurants and theatre under the one roof. Well, this is the place to spend your weekend with some shopping activities, restaurant treat and movie time. Hope, you have seen the Great Mall Holiday Hours, according to that visit to the Great Mall and have some great time.

Fred Meyer Holiday Hours And Nearby Locations

Fred Meyer is one of the all in one-stop shopping chains, which is a chain of superstores founded by Fred. G. Meyer. This chain store dubbed as Superstore is because of much availability of the most products in its superstore.

So, being here you might be interested knowing the Fred Meyer Holiday hours. Or to be more precise, when it gets close, Fred Meyer discount hours, hours of operations, Fred Meyer Store weekend and much more.

Fred Meyer image

Fred Meyer has remarkable footprint being one place destination for shopping. In its superstore, you can get clothing store, jewelry store, pharmacy store, household things, electronic or digital store, home décor store, gardening store, sporting store, kid’s toy store and much more under one roof of Fred Meyer.

So, basically, a buyer will save a lot of time for shopping in this superstore. But these Fred Meyer superstores are located in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. If you are from there then you can take many advantages of this Fred Meyer Stores. Because as mentioned buyers can get many things under one roof. Besides, these stores come with many magnificent discount hours.

Fred Meyer Holiday Hours/ Business Hours – Opening, Closing, Weekend, Special Day

So being touched with the Fred Meyer’s stores, you might be excited to be there for even once. And that’s come preferably to know the Fred Meyer opening hours. So that, there would be no trouble visiting their store in such an awkward time.

Fred Meyer opening closing hours

Hence, I would be listing out all of the closing date, opening day and time, and in which special days the store will be closed. So, let’s know first when Fred Meyer superstore business hours remain for the general buyers.

Fred Meyer Business Hours

Well, you will need to contact customer care to know the local timing, as Fred Meyer holiday hours may vary according to your location. But to be noted that common timing of Fred Meyer opening day and timing is Monday to Friday 7AM-11PM. Most stores, on Saturday and Sunday, remain open in the same hours of general timing.

fred-meyer-logo image

And keep in mind that on the special days Fred Meyer is remaining open, as this majority of these stores get more crown on these special days. So, if you planning to visit there in any special days then check out here are some list of special days where these superstores will remain in operation. But also note that the timing of Fred Meyer may vary as of these special days so, be updated in this part with the customer service.

  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Presidents Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Labor Day
  • Christmas Day
  • Tax Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Cinco De Mayo
  • Memorial Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • New Year Eve
  • Independence Day
  • Patrick’s Day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day or MLK Day
  • Easter Monday
  • Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday

So, on these special days, the store of Fred Meyer will remain open. But again, it is wise to mention that on Easter Sunday and Christmas Day as per location store might remain closed or the business hours could be reduced.

Fred Meyer Closing Day/ Weekend

There is no weekend for the Fred Meyer stores, so you can visit any day in the Fred Meyer Business hours. Until it is a local closing time or any special day there would not be any closing. If you are in Washington then you can expect store close on Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day. The Pharmacy and Jewelry Store will also remain closed on these dates.

Nearby Location

Fred Meyer is very right destination who are looking to shop just being under one roof. As said before, here is the complete collection of all needs. Hope, now you have been confirmed the closing timing and days of Fred Meyer. With this Fred Meyer Holiday hours list, now it will be easier to visit their shop in the right timing.

Del Amo Mall Holiday Hours

Engaging your week off or the holiday into shopping is a great idea. But, whenever it is a holiday the question that arises is, will the stores of the mall be open. It is a very general thinking that pops up to everyone’s head.

del_amo_mall IMAGE

But, in here you get the detailed account of Del Amo Mall Holiday Hours. The mall has been designed such so as to facilitate the entire shopping hub that you are looking for under the same terrace.

Del Amo Mall is one of the most popular malls in California. As it provides top brands, it also provides the variety brand genres too. In here, you will be getting a clear picture of not only the active holiday hours of the store but also about it very briefly.

You really cannot stop being mesmerized as you get involved in knowing all the facts regarding this shopping and outing point.

Del Amo Mall Holiday Hours: Briefly About

Del Amo is just not a mere shopping destination; it is much more than that. You get to get involved there with your friends, family and also with you alone. It is a perfect relaxation joint that refreshes you with some top rated restaurants and food stores. The Del Amo mall holiday hours are perfectly compiled up to make your shopping hours fun and compelling.


Well, this mall was been setup in 1971 by an owner trio – JP Morgan Fleming Funds, Simon Property Groups and Farallon Cap. Mgt. The mall location is at Torrance, California that brings in front of you in total two hundred plus stores all organised in the three-storey building of the property. With the growing demand for fashion and outsourcing of food and lifestyle, this shopping mall grew to its favourable height at this date.

You will really get excited to know what all brands are available in here. The brand includes clothing, books, foot wear, restaurants and what not. They also include the sub categories of the varied genres of shopping stores available.

The top and reliable brand include – Zara, Alfa Moda, Alex and Ani, Angl, Auntie Anne’s and Cinnabon Café, Ben Bridge, BookOff, Disney Store and loads more. Here is the whole list of available brands in this amazing shopping complex.

Del Amo Mall Holiday Hours: the Usual Ones’

Along with the top list of brands the mall also has good options for watching movies too. Just to spend your time shopping can never be your only goal to spend the holiday. In here you get to have an awesome scope to watch out movies, to play around with your kids, have a great dine out and obviously to shop for accessories, clothing, cosmetics and what not.


The shopping point is open in every day of the week. But yes, it maintains a timing too. Del Amo Mall holiday hours are open from 10 AM to 9 PM from Monday to Friday. It is open from 10 AM to 8 PM on Saturday. And, on Sunday the shopping point is open from 11 AM to 7 PM. There are no closing days as such but still, maximum of the stores remain closed on Easter Sunday and Christmas Day. Stores get closed early on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

In general, on all other remaining holidays, the stores are open and hence the Del Amo Mall. The list is enhanced as follows –

  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King
  • Jr. Day (MLK Day)
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Presidents Day
  • Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Tax Day
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Monday
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • Mother’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Independence Day (4th of July)
  • Labour Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Halloween
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Black Friday
  • Christmas Eve
  • New Year’s Eve


The above information reflects all the necessary description required for you to hop into the mall to shop. You get to tally very neatly your available list of a holiday with the Del Amo Mall Holiday Hours and set your shopping or relishing time by such.

del-amo PHOTO

The available shopping hour facilities have undoubtedly brought great opportunity to set your option for spending the time of relaxation with yourself, your family and friends.

Aventura Mall Hours

Aventura Mall Hours

Today here we will be talking with you everything you need to know on Aventura Mall Hours. It is a super regional shopping mall that is located in Aventura, (Florida). Perhaps one of the biggest conventional shopping mall situated in Florida.


Aventura Mall and the retailers of the malls are dedicated to doing it best, which are beyond your imagination. It does not even matter who you are, be it professional in tourism, sales director, convention or the destination management company.

Aventura Mall will work together with you to build an interesting and share impressive shopping knowledge for your group. Counting the Fashion events till the private shopping hours and trips, they will all expand the unique services for all of the travellers.


Every season shoppers belonging from different places visit the mall to enjoy shopping. Not only that Aventura Mall also organizes events and top most gifts from the fashion retailers of Aventura.

Aventura Mall hours:

We have figured out timings of the daily hours of Aventura Hall. Check out the list mentioned below in details.

  • Monday to Friday – Mall open from 10:00 A.M till 09: 30 A.M.
  • Saturday – It starts from 10:00 A.M to 09:30 A.M.
  • Sunday – Shorter than the usual days from 12:00 P.M to 08:00 P.M

List of the stores’ name of Aventura Mall:

  • Brooks Brothers
  • Cartier
  • ST. JOHN

List of the store of Aventura Mall category wise:

  • Automobile
  • Children’s Wear
  • Department Stories
  • Electronics
  • Children Toys and Gifts
  • Women’s Wear
  • Shoes
  • Jewelry Watches
  • Luxury
  • Fitness Club
  • Entertainment
  • Eyewear

Facilities of Aventura Mall:

  • Foreigner visitor into the mall of Aventura can perform currency exchange which is situated on the lowest level in front of Macy’s. Another one location of the foreign currency services is located at Aventura Mall Visitor Centre.
  • In order, to make sure that the shoppers get benefits while visiting the mall, the mall has provided self-shopping consultancy at Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom too.


  • Also, wheelchairs are there to use inside the Aventura Mall which is free to use. Only Photo ID will be needed to provide for taking the wheel chair as a rental.
  • ATM machine available almost everywhere in the Aventura Mall.
  • Other services include mobile charging station, gifts cards, Wi-Fi and lots more.


Aventura Mall is listed as the America’s most visited shopping centre by Travel + Leisure Magazine. The Mall is filled with a unique collection of upscale boutiques and over 300 world’s finest retailers. Aventura Mall gives you everything you need starting from the luxurious brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton and lots more.

Not to ignore the entire attractive playground designed by artist, IMAX Theater, etc. It is to remind you again that the Mall will stay open right from 10 A.M to 9.30 A.M every Monday. On Sunday the mall Aventura mall hours will be from 12 P.M to 08 P.M

Florida Mall Holiday Hours

Are you getting confused about the timings of opening and closing hours of Florida Mall holiday hours? Then don’t worry about that, because in this topic we will discuss the holiday hours of Florida Mall. 

florida-mall photo

Basically, Florida mall is a central Mall situated in Orlando, the USA which is one of the best mall or central shopping store in the world. If you visited in this mall you can avail some of the best features which other shopping centres can’t. So don’t wait for more and let’s have a look on the below topic which will help you to get know about the Florida mall happy hours in details.

When you will go for shopping in Florida mall you can avail Tax-free shopping which is quite interesting while you purchase something. More over during the holiday hours you can also avail some of the best offers, collections and get the gift vouchers from Simon Gift cards. 

Holiday hours are specially provided by the mall to give some special offers and last minutes shopping with some exciting gifts and vouchers. We know that everybody wants some discounts and great collection during the holiday time. So go through the below context to get know about the regular and holiday hours of Florida mall.

Florida mall holiday hours:

Before going for shopping in any mall we should know about the timings which they provided for the customers and also the Florida mall map. In the USA there are two types of timings remains in most of the central shopping malls. 

the florida mall image

For example, if we talk about the Florida mall then we get Regular hours which are Monday to Friday it opens from 10 AM-9 PM. If we talk about Saturday it opens from 10 AM- 10 PM and on Sunday from 12 PM-8 PM. These all are the regular timing of Florida Mall.

Now let’s talk about the holiday hours of the Florida Mall. On these holidays generally, the

Florida Mall will keep OPEN as always like on 

  • New year day
  • Halloween day
  • Labour day
  • Presidents day
  • Valentine day
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Monday
  • Mother’s day
  • New Year’s Eve
  • Christmas Eve
  • Tax Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Independence Day (4th July)
  • Black Friday
  • Thanksgiving day
  • Veterans day
  • Patrick’s Day
  • Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday
  • Martin Luther King
  • Jr. Day
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • Memorial Day and
  • Father’s Day.

Now, most of the restaurants and Florida mall remain CLOSED on Easter Sunday and Christmas Day. Early on Christmas EVE and New Year EVE stores closes.

Extended Hours of Florida Mall

Some of the extended period of shopping you can enjoy during a holiday in Florida Mall. Like the Florida, mall extends their operation period on the Black Friday/Thanks giving day and on New Year/ Christmas holiday seasons.

The extended holiday hours are starting from the month of November then December and still up to the first week of the month January. For more info about the sales offers, promotions, events etc. occurs in a mall, you can contact with the Florida Mall local stores.

florida-mall pic

So these are the special happy holiday hours of the Florida Mall Orlando, USA. If you once visit this mall during the holiday time then definitely you can get some special sales offers with exciting gifts, coupons, etc. and much more.

According to the above list, there are total 23 holidays which you will get according to Florida mall in which they remain open always. To make your holidays and special festivals seasons more precious and awesome then go for shopping in holiday hours rather than the regular times. 

This mall is established by Simon Foundation and presently this is an overall shopping store for all the customers in the USA. People from other countries also visited in this mall to grab the most beautiful collections and offers throughout the year. 

Florida Mall Restaurants are regarded as some of the best in Florida. Hope you all are satisfied with the above topic and try to visit this mall once to get the practical experience in holiday hours.

Location Nearby

Best Buy Holiday Hours

Best Buy Holiday Hours

Best Buy is the best place where you get to buy things and the easiest place to go for shopping. This shopping store offers you several numbers of high qualities of electronics and accessories. It provides the best and fast delivery services, straight at the door of your house which is just at the right time.


There are two different ways to order stuff and purchase the products online form best buy, one way is by visiting the official site of Best Buy and the other Best App Smartphone App. Add your favorite items to cart and create a wish list to grab Best Buy Holiday Hours offers.

Never miss the hottest deals of the holiday hours of Best Buy, keep yourself update with the season sale offer of the available products. Price of the Best Buy totally matched when the holiday hour season arrives, except on the Thanksgiving Day through Monday right after the day of Thanksgiving. To know about the best buy holiday hours in details read till the end.      

Best Buy Holiday Hours:

Most of the people from around the world always look for a holiday sale of products. When it comes to purchasing electronic and accessories most of us wait for the day, where we get the items in cheap prices.



Best Buy Holidays Hours fulfills all your need and make your wish come true. These holidays are the perfect time to pick your favorite electronics and purchase them online.

List of dates of Best Buy Holiday Hours:

Best Buy online store remains open for 24 hours a day and through the year. To arrange the right time of your schedule throughout the holiday rush, Best Buy Stores has come up with longer holiday hours. Check out the list if the dates provided below with day and timing of opening and closing of store.

Black Friday It will be open for extended hours of time
Mother’s Day From 10 A.M onwards till 9 P.M
Columbus Day From 10 A.M onwards till 9 P.M
Memorial Day From 10 A.M onwards till 9 P.M
Cinco de Mayo From 10 A.M onwards till 9 P.M
Mardi Gras From 10 A.M onwards till 9 P.M
Christmas Eve From 10 A.M onwards till 9 P.M
New Year’s Day From 10 A.M onwards till 9 P.M
Easter Monday From 10 A.M onwards till 9 P.M
Thanksgiving Day  From 10 A.M onwards till 9 P.M
Independence Day  From 10 A.M onwards till 9 P.M
Valentine’s Dayopen  From 10 A.M onwards till 9 P.M
 Labor Day  From 10 A.M onwards till 9 P.M
 Veteran’s Day  From 10 A.M onwards till 9 P.M
 Tax Day  From 10 A.M onwards till 9 P.M
 Halloween  From 10 A.M onwards till 9 P.M
President’s Day  From 10 A.M onwards till 9 P.M
 Father’s Day  From 10 A.M onwards till 9 P.M
 Good Friday  From 10 A.M onwards till 9 P.M
St. Patrick’s Day From 10 A.M onwards till 9 P.M 



These are the list of holiday hours on Best Buy and the Holiday Hours will remain closed on Easter Sunday Christmas Day. Remember that there are few stores that might be having different holiday hours, where necessary either by the local ordinances or set according to landlord regulations. 


Whereas the Mall-based best Buy Mobile stores holiday hours deals on the basis of the mall hours. As now you are aware of the Best Buy Holiday Hours grab the opportunity when the particular day arrives.             


Fashion Square Mall Hours

Thinking to visit Fashion Square? Then you might need to know the opening timing of this mall. Hence, I will provide a complete schedule of Fashion Square mall hours. In this, post you will come to know the opening day and timing of Fashion Square Supermall.  And visit this superstore in the right time to shop your needed thing from this mall.

fashion-square mall PHOTO

This super mall is also known as Scottsdale Fashion Square located in 7014-590 East Camelback Road, Scottsdale, United States. With more than 225 stores these supermall is all in one mall for super-luxury fashion apparel. Scottsdale Fashion Square is being one of the big malls in the United States, which ranked second highest sale per square foot mall in the country.

So, if you share the same area of this mall then you might be interested to know the visiting hours of Fashion Square. Store hours may vary in different day hence, it is wise to know the Fashion Square mall opening hours or else it could be awkward visiting to the store in a wrong timing.

Fashion Square Mall

Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall Hours – Operation Hours, Closing Days

The total area of Fashion Square is 1,858,371 sq. ft. and they are running its store since 1961. Being the in the top 30 largest malls it also comes in top 25 list being as most visited a mall in the country. 

So, you can get a clear idea how popular is this super mall. The parking facility with garage and outdoor is available there; so, no trouble you will have to face visiting Fashion Square. 

But what’s timing for Scottsdale Fashion Square mall? Find the Fashion Square Mall operation hours if you thinking to visit this upscale super-luxury fashion shop.

Scottsdale Fashion Square Hours – Operation Hours

There is no weekend for this big mall, so a customer any day can visit to the Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall. But the timing of opening hours vary day wise, so check out the opening hours of Fashion Square in below.

Basically, Scottsdale Fashion Square mall hours are between 10AM-9PM. Please note that on Sunday the opening timing is a little different, where Fashion Square operation hours hold reduced timing from 11 AM to 6 PM.

Day Wise Scottsdale Fashion Square Opening Hours:

MONDAY 10 AM to 9 PM
FRIDAY 10 AM to 9 PM
SUNDAY 11 AM to 6 PM

Also, note that the timing of restaurant & department is not related to this time.

You can check out the timing from the official website: Click here for official Scottsdale Fashion Square Hours

Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall Closing Days:

As you have seen Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall opens on all days. As said, there is no weekend for this super mall, you can visit the supermall in its working hours in all normal day. 


As the majority of store remain opened in the special days, the Scottsdale Fashion Square also follows the same. In fact, on special days, they receive more customers. So, in most cases, the Fashion Square Mall hours also extend or reduce its opening hours.


Scottsdale Fashion Square is an upscale super-luxury fashion mall where you can style up yourself with premium fashion wears. You can visit this super mall any day within the Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall hours. 

Hope, you have come to know the shopping hours and get some exotic collection from this fashion exclusive mall. Let me know if you have more queries regarding this topic and I will love to reply back as soon as possible.