US Independence Day Holiday Hours 2018

4th of July, 1776; Independence day of The United States of America from the British empire. Every American is in a feeling of proud, admiration, gratification, prideful and superior. And the sky full of firecrackers shows the signs of freedom.

independence day 4th july United States

But, Before you going to enjoy the Independence day, You need to check what’s opened and closed which will saves you from ruining the day. So, the first thing you need to notice is that where you are going is opened or closed on Independence Day. And so, here’s the Holiday Hours Open or Closed on Independence Day.

  • Here’s is the most important fact you need to understand first is that,” If it is Saturday on July 4th, then Independence day is seen on Friday, which will be, July 3rd.” & ” If there’s Sunday on July 4th, it will be seen on Monday, which will be on July 5th”.

So, here is the useful information about the things or places you are going are opened or closed which will help you in enjoying your day.

Opening/Closing Hours

  • Government Offices
  • Closed– 4th July is a declaration of the federal holiday as it is Independence Day and all government offices are closed on this day. All municipal, states, judicial, administrative and federal branches remain closed on this day.


  • Stock Market
  • Closed– On this official holiday, all major stock exchange markets in the USA like New York stock exchange, NASDAQ are closed.


  • Post Offices and Mail services
  • Closed– On this occasion of the national holiday, United States Postal Services and U.S.Mail remain closed.


  • Super Markets, Malls and Departmental stores
  • Open– Even on the public holiday for the Independence day Major supermarkets and retailers like Kroger, Walgreens, Walmart, Whole foods, H.E.B., Giant Eagle etc. shows their availability. The top shopping destination at malls like Mall of America, Aventura Mall, King of Prussia Mall, Destiny USA is also kept open. Local departmental stores, supermarket chains and convenience store also open on this day.


  • Movie Theaters 
  • Open– All movie theatres and cinema chains as AMC Entertainment Inc, Southern Theatres, Cineplex Entertainment, National Amusements, Regal Entertainment Group are open to fulfil public entertainment demands.

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  • Bar, Taverns, Liquor stores and Restaurants
  • Open– Major Bars such as Goodluck, Porchlight, Teardrop are not closed on this day and Most liquor stores Southern Wine & Spirits of California, Henry Wine Group, Alliance Beverage Distributing, Empire Merchants are kept opened.While major restaurants show their availability but you better check up the availability and vacancy before you set the destination.


  • Schools and Libraries
  • Closed–  Kids just love holidays. Don’t they?  All educational departments such as Universities, Colleges, grade schools are not open on this day. Most public reading center libraries such as Library of Congress, Harvard University Library, Boston Public Library, New York Public Library are not open. They remain closed as in the declaration of a national public holiday.


  • Hospitals
  • Open– On looking at public health issues, Major hospitals all around the United states remain open even in this occasion of the fedaral holiday.


  • Pharmacy and Grocery Stores
  • Open/ClosedMajor pharmacy chains such as CVS Corporation, Kroger Company, Walgreens, Kaiser Permanente (HMO) are not closed on this day but minor pharmacy stores may be closed on works at reduced hours. Major Grocery chains are open and minors may have closed. So, It’s best option to check your destination point before you leave.


  • Ambulance and Fire safety services
  • OpenIn public issues and public safety point of view Ambulance and Fire stations all around the United States are open 24*7 in providing their services.

I hope this article helped you in a direction you are searching for. Share this article with friends and families and let them help too. If you have any quarries you can comment below we will reply as soon as possible.I hope you find this article is helpful is yeah Enjoy the day, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY.

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