Walgreens Christmas Hours, Easter Hours Memorial Day Hours

Walgreens is an online store that offers pharmacy prescription Refills, health information, and services. Buy several types of products like contact lenses and shop products too from the Walgreen store. Not only online shopping you can also purchase the items offline.


Their stores of Walgreens are located into a different part of the U.S, (United States). The store hours may be different depending on the location of the store. Many stores are been operated on the same business hours and observe several major holidays. Here we will be having a discussion on Walgreens Christmas Hours, Easter Hours Memorial Day Hours.

Most of the people are eager to know, whether Walgreens have Christmas Eve and Christmas Day hours or not. Usually, for anyone the situations happens to be like, we have to buy some food or cakes at the last moment. As most of us are not always advance in making plans for observing special days like Christmas.    

Glance on Walgreens Business hours including Christmas Hours

In every week, Walgreens store business hours are set from 8 A.M – 10 P.M. The schedule of the store continues from Monday till Friday, few of the locations remain open for 24 hours and to find it out one can use the store locator. In the case of the business hours of the pharmacy store of Walgreens, it opens from 9 A.M-6 P.M. speaking of the Christmas hours of Walgreens it always remains open for like a half day on Christmas Day.      


Right the day before the Christmas Day that is on Christmas Eve, the store will remain open for like 24 hours. But on the very Day, Walgreens Christmas hours is expected to be open for only 2 hours. As we have told you earlier that the timings of stores may differ on the basis of location. To figure out the exact timings of the openings of a store, you may contact to your nearest Walgreens.

Glance on Easter Hours Memorial Day Hours, Pharmacy hours

In to the Easter most likely the store stay open for a less period of time comparing to other days. The same goes for the new years Day and Independence Day are reduced on hours. Talking about the Walgreens special event hours, most of the store will be open for a long duration of time and that is especially on Black Friday.

Locations Nearby


As a matter of fact, Walgreens is the best when it comes to holiday hours like Christmas. The Walgreens Christmas hours stays open for 24 hours every day, Monday to Sunday time of store hours from 8 A.M to 10 P.M. The same goes for the pharmacy store of hours from 9 A.M to 9 P.M.

Besides that, the Pharmacy of Walgreens has its own store that is different from that of the store. Most of the store of Pharmacy will remain closed on the very day of Christmas observation.  Few of the Pharmacy stores of the Walgreens will remain open for 24 hours. Now you have learned all the details of Walgreens hours, Easter Hours Memorial Day Hours.

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